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Written by By Mitch Persons   
Dec 08, 2004 at 02:00 AM
Sci-fi buff and actress Shannon Albright has proven that she is not a prisoner of stereotyping.
“I was born in Berkeley, California,” says the 5’6” blonde, “but I found that in the entertainment business there is pretty much a blonde on every corner in every neighborhood, and they are not really taken very seriously, so I decided to move to the East Coast, not so much because there’s a little less competition, but I think actresses are taken more seriously out here. I also wanted to get into the independent film market more. I live in Pennsylvania now, been here about two years.

“When I was in California I did a little bit of modeling, and pretty much decided that people thought of me as ‘just another model,’ so I then got into the real estate business, then went to college. Once I got to the East, I started modeling some more. I had always been a fan of sci-fi, but I realized that when a person thinks of sci-fi, and especially females in sci-fi, there aren’t too many role models. There are Sigourney Weaver and Carrie-Anne Moss, but that’s about it. I created my own sci-fi website, www.Sci-Fi-Shannon.com, to try to target the people that are into the genre, and put more of a woman’s curve on it, so to speak, to make it not so male territorial.
“One of my all-time favorite science fiction stories is ‘I Am Legend’ by Richard Matheson. There were two movie versions of it, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH, which was okay, and THE OMEGA MAN, with Charlton Heston, which really strayed from the book. It is my dream to do a remake of THE OMEGA MAN, but instead of a male protagonist, it would be a female. You see, in ‘I Am Legend’ the male figure is actually a very vulnerable, mortal character, and that wasn’t brought out in THE OMEGA MAN. And that is something I really would like to do, play the female counterpart of that character in a film. I don’t know if there’s anybody out there to write it, but if there is, I am definitely interested.
“My love of science fiction is actually taking me back to California in June. I’ll be working with Donna Spangler on SPACE GIRLS IN BEVERLY HILLS. Then I’m coming back East to film EXTINCTION. In that I play a human biohazard. I have this virus that has been put into me, and I’m running around Manhattan infecting people, but I don’t really know it. I’m infecting people, but I’m also a victim; I’m not doing it on purpose. I like to think of the role as sort of a futuristic Typhoid Mary.
“After that, it’s on to Cape May, New Jersey, to do THE POINT AFTER DARK. That’s a tale of lycanthropy, of werewolves. I play an undercover officer who chases down the werewolf. Then there’s an article on me coming out in Bold Magazine in July.”
And how does she fill up her time between movie roles and magazine interviews?
“I’m pretty much an outdoorsy girl,” she answers. “During the summers I mountain bike, I roller blade. And during these harsh Eastern winters I ski, I snowboard. I also have a quad, so I do a lot of quadracing.”

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