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Written by By Mitch Persons   
Dec 09, 2004 at 07:00 PM
Looking at her leggy photo on her website (www.silkstar.com) or viewing the same shot on the cover of her video, THE PLEASURE PALACE, it is difficult to comprehend that this seductive, exotic-looking lady holds a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. Yet that is exactly what Silk Star does have. The degree is more than just a piece of paper, however. Silk is a practicing psychotherapist as well as an actress and a figure model."
"I am all three," says the New York City-born Silk, "and," she adds with a wink, "more than that, as well. With the spiritual psychology I’m able to communicate with people in ways that are outside of the norm. My counseling is with a sexual specialization. I can talk about sexual issues without judgment, with actual experience on some levels on whatever it is that they’re talking about."
"I do things like fetish video acting and production, leg and feet modeling, live cam chats, things that make people more at ease. For instance, if someone feels she or he has an addiction to pornography, or someone is a cross-dresser, or someone is interested in having different sexual partners, or has a fetish of some kind, that person is much more comfortable dealing with me because he or she knows that I’m just not a therapist in an office who does nothing more than talk about experiences. I’ve been out in the world.
"I got into spiritual psychology around 1995 or 1996. I was working as an exotic dancer, and from that I was being a counselor, basically, in a strip club, because men would come to talk to me. They didn’t really come to watch me as much as they came to have me listen to them. I realized that if I was going to help these people, I needed some skills, so that’s why I went to school to get my Masters to learn those skills. So now, in a way, I’m just doing the same things I was doing as a dancer, just on another level."
"When I tell people I am into spiritual psychology that sometimes puzzles them. There are the normal practices of psychology, Freud, Jung, Reality Theory, but what spiritual psychology adds to that is a spiritual dimension. Not only do we use the regular therapy, but we also believe that one of the greatest ways to heal is with spiritual intervention. That is exactly what is being used in hospitals when there are terminally ill patients. It’s not just the physical remedies, but also methods like visualization for healing, touch therapy, things like that. We do use all different types of therapies, and one of the things we work with is a spiritual basis, whatever a person’s belief is. It’s not necessarily religious, but it can be, if needed."
"My video, THE PLEASURE PALACE, is another tool to help people with love or sex problems. PLEASURE PALACE has some basic things like shaving, bathing, fetish foreplay, massage. I just started working on a sequel, PLEASURE PALACE, PART 2, which is going to have some even more exotic kinds of lessons. I’m awaiting financing on that one, but with the stock market the way it is, my financiers are all in trouble, so it’s hard to say just exactly when that one will be coming out."
"Mostly right now I’m busy with my counseling, and my modeling, but I do whatever comes up. My latest venture is a live chat. It’s from my website, which is also an adult store and boutique. I sell toys and videos, but people have wanted to see more of me, and talk to me, so I have this live chat on my site now, where I’m on three nights a week, so they can actually see me and talk to me. They can view me clothed or unclothed while they’re chatting with me about whatever is going on in their lives. Some people see that as therapy, others as erotic voyeurism, it’s however they want to take it."
"As for me, I just simply see the live cam chat as the new wave in spiritual psychology -- counseling in the comfort of your office or home."

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