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Dec 21, 2004 at 07:00 PM
GALILEO SMITH VISITS THE SOLAR SYSTEM is an intelligent new kid's show by director/producer Jack Smith. The video succeeds thanks to sharp and clear details told in an informative way, a likeable host, and lots cool digital effects! Children will definitely embrace this new video, which doesn't talk down to them while providing them with valuable information about the universe around them!
We recently sat down to take to Jack Foster about the production...
Dark Gallery) Tell me about the story of GALILEO SMITH?
Jack Foster) Galileo Smith is the Indiana Jones of outer space. He explores the frontiers of civilization for the next millennium, solar sailing to the farthest star, snow boarding on Miranda a moon of Uranus or playing zero-g basketball on a space colony. To paraphrase the science fiction writer Alfred Bestler, Galileo's credo might be;
Galileo Smith is my name,
terra is my nation.
Deep space my dwelling place,
the stars my destination.
DG) What made you decide to make a kid's movie?
JF) I had produced a program, Life in Outer Space, for adults, and always felt it would be a better program for kids.
DG) Are there more movies planned in the series?
JF) There are 12 more episodes planned for the Galileo series as well as an extended program called, Extraterrestrial Explores Extraordinary.
DG) What kind of budget did you have for the movie, and how did you go about securing the necessary funds?
JF) Galileo was produced with an equipment grant from Santa Monica TV. The cast and crew worked on deferment. I wrote, produced directed and edited the program.
DG) What are your hopes for the movie?
JF) That as many kids as possible see the program and that it inspires them to learn about science and the wonders that are their future.
DG) What are your hopes for the future of your career?
JF) To make easily accessible to everyone civilizations wealth of knowledge

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Comment by Marya on 2015-10-22 21:24:23
It's a relief to find soenmoe who can explain things so well

Comment by Dani on 2015-10-23 04:52:23
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