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Written by By Mitch Persons   
Dec 24, 2004 at 07:00 PM
Jacquelyn A. “Jacque” Ruffner is not your typical young Hollywood actress, even though she does have the physical prerequisites. She is above average height, pretty and blonde, and while not curvaceous by Hollywood standards, does possess a well-proportioned, well-toned, and graceful body.
Her physical attributes are where the resemblance to being just another film actress ends. True, she currently has the lead in an action thriller called THE THIRD SOCIETY, but, under the name of J. A. Steel, Ruffner is also writing, co-producing, and directing the film!
"I was an only child," explains Ruffner, "and I was a bit of a rebel right from the start. While most girls my age were into dancing and dressing up, I was really heavy into guns and hunting. My dad, my mom, my two grandpas, were hunters and members of the NRA, so the natural thing was to teach me about firearms and their usage.
Ruffner continues: “I was never able to sit still, never able to stay with any one thing for too long a time. I studied martial arts, getting a black belt in karate, I did gymnastics, played softball, managed to get in some dirtbiking, even picked up some archery skills.
“I had been writing little plays and skits since I was in the third grade, and when I was in high school, I wrote a school play called HELP WANTED. It was a children’s Christmas play. I said to my drama teacher, ‘Hey, let me write and direct this stage play.’ I did write it, it turned out really well, and we went to four different schools and performed this little skit, and then we went and performed it in churches, just about everywhere.
  “When I was seventeen I got a filmic writing scholarship to the University of Southern California. I moved out here, and spent two years in the SC film school, and was very unhappy because all they wanted me to write were Academy Award-winning films. I just wasn’t into that at all. Since I had led a very active, action-packed type of life, I was more into action films, the kinds of films Joel Silver made. I wanted car crashes and lots of mayhem and excitement. I kept saying, ‘Teach me how to write the best car crash movie that anybody’s ever seen, and I’ll be happy.’ The response was, ‘No, you need to look deep within your soul, find the deep, hidden meaning of life.’ Finally, I went ahead and wrote my own actioner called BLACKHAWK and sent it in to Silver Pictures over at Warner Bros. They read it and said, come on and intern for us. So I went and interned for Silver Pictures for a year.
Ruffner continued with her classes, but soon became bored with them. Not wanting to make "the next CITIZEN KANE" she eventually failed the whole course.
“For the next two years I traveled all over the world, and worked at all kinds of places. I was at Disney for a while, then Griffin Electric, worked as a martial arts instructor, finally ending up as a script rewrite girl for Sho Kosugi, the martial arts action star who also produced REVENGE OF THE NINJA and BLACK EAGLE. One of the first assignments I had with Sho was polishing up a script called THE DRAGON. The film didn’t do very well so I sent out resumes to different production studios, hoping to get a job similar to the one I had with Sho. It got to the point where I only had thirteen dollars left in my bank account. It was then I decided to form my own company, Warrior Entertainment. I actually managed to snag investors for a post-apocalyptic action-adventure film I had written, and we even had distribution guarantees and such, but the man who was behind the funding got involved in some kind of lawsuit, and as a result, my project was dropped.
“I had had enough by that time. I said, ‘No more show business for me!’ Of course, I spoke too soon. I found myself managing and promoting a musical artist named Sasha Alexeev. I negotiated a contract between Sasha and a Chinese company, Rock Records, for an album of his called Wintertales.

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