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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Feb 06, 2007 at 02:00 AM
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DG Feb 07 - The Working Actor: Joel Wynkoop
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Joel Wynkoop may forever be known as the crazy guy from Tim Ritter's movie CREEP, but he is also makes a mark in TWISTED ILLUSIONS 2, DIRTY COP and DIRTY COP 2 and continues to work today. We caught up with Joel recently....

DG: I heard you recently got into voice over work with a production called "ROCK, SCISSORS PAPER". Tell us about it.

JW: Well I got¬Ýa call from Warren (BRAINROBBERS FROM OUTER SPACE) Madden who I worked with years agon on the aforementioned movie. Actually, Warren had called me about alot of projects, there was LUNCHBOX (Which I shot but never released) JANITOR MAN which never got off the ground, a host for a paranormal show shot here locally that never transpired, and several other projects that he was trying to get me involved with, I of all people know how one minute yoou can be ready to shoot a movie and all the walls come crashing down around you. ¬Ý(It's happened to me and Tim Ritter more then once on our projects.) Anyway, Warren tells me of this new cartoon he's working on with a new group of ¬Ýproducers that had put together a production company calling themselves 11th DIMENSION FILMS (Kind of neat because Tim and my first production company was called 13TH DIMENSIONAL VIDEO, you can see the credit in TWISTED ILLUSIONS and in several of our other movies.) Warren set up a meeting with myself and the new producer and President of 11th DIMENSION FILMS Rick Houston. Rick and Warren had hooked up and traded ideas about movies and commercials and Warren suggested to give me a call because I had alot of experience in the "movie" world so there I was, in the mall food court meeting up with Warren (DIRECTOR) Rick and Dave Fitzgerald the creator of ROCK, SCISSORS, PAPER. They had already contacted such people as Micheal (POLICE ACADEMY) Winslow and CARROT TOP (Sorry his real name escapes me at this moment.) They wanted a narrator for it, think SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS when the narrator was talking to Patrick "The walls are talking to me Sponge Bob." "Thats just the narrator Patrick." I did several voices for them but the one they liked the best was my "LONGFELLOW" voice which I created for my character in "SCARY TALES 2: THE RETURN OF MR. LONGFELLOW." Then Dave broke out the drawings for the characters, they were great, I was really hooked and thought to myself, "Hey Warren might have something here." Warren and I had known each other for years, he was also in "FALL OF AN ACTOR" with me as well as "BRAINROBBERS FROM OUTER SPACE" and "DIRTY COP 2 THE SPECIAL EDITION" and he's always just been a good guy. I was set as the narrator for the show, I read the lines and everyone seemed to like so within 30 days I was at a studio recording my voice along with some other actors doing there parts. It is still in production and I am supposed to go back before months end and record some more voices and narration. It will be for kids of all ages, like "SPONGE BOB," not that I watch it but I see it sometimes because my kids love it and when I have them it's on TV. Rick and his wife Denise are head of the project and are going full speed ahead with it for mainstream release in the animated world. The animator's are top notch and I've seen the animated ¬Ýcharacter's in completion. It will be very cool to see this through the very end and it will be "So cool" to hear my kids say, "that's my Dad's voice on that cartoon." You can see more about them at www.11thDimensionFilms.com , I think they have me there as an actor for them. Anyway, to find out more about them check out there site.

DG: Among several movies you've worked on recently is "ANGORA". What is it about and who do you play?

JW: I shouldn't even answer this as of right now I am at odds with my friendship to the producer of this comic book come to life, but here goes anyway. ANGORA is well without giving away I'll say a superhero who combats my character named "THE KING" who is infatuated with The Green Hornet and the Batman TV show. It's pretty funny actually. The director, Gustavo Perez really let me run with the character, I got to cover all emotions, laughing, crying, fighting, yelling, passive pretty much everything. "The King" is out to kill the President because he blames him for the death of his frail mother (Which was very sad because the gal playing her died two days before the premiere, I dedicated my Crystal reel Award in her memory the night of the ceremony and the day of the premiere I did a small memorial in front of the crowd that was about to watch the movie). Noel Maree was the mystic Madame Ora which helped my character Nick Hazzard battle the vampires. Life imitating art huh? Noel was a great loss, we miss her alot, she left this world with a full plate of what she wanted to do. She did "THE BITE", "ANGORA", "99", "REAL PREMONITION", "THE LIAR'S CLUB." Basically the inept "KING" tangles with "ANGORA" as he tries to mass an army of delinquents to follow his every command, in one scene "THE KING" encounters a Russian pizza shop owner who is protected by the super hero Angora. It's pretty much a comic book come to life, pretty much ok for the kids as well, no nudity (However ANGORA looks great!) no swearing and the violence is light hearted for the most part. My wife Cathy takes a role in it also as the "WITCH" and she does a GREAT job. Her character gives the "KING" power to defeat his foe. It reminds me alot of a G rated DIRTY COP NO DONUT, I laughed so hard I was wipeing the tears out of my eyes and so was everyone else in the theatre. That to me is the best, I'm sitting in the theatre with 40 other people who are just laughing there asses off, with such lines as "Shutup, what do you think this is American Idol?" and "I spit my last breath at you" which I borrowed from Wraith of Khan being the "STAR TREK" fan I am. When it becomes available it will be worth a look, trust me.

DG: Another movie you completed was ¬Ý"DARK DIMENSIONS"- Tell us about it.

JW: "DARK DIMENSIONS" was a sci fi I did for CREATURE PRODUCTIONS director and Producer John Lewis and daughter Ashley Lewis. Creature Productions - you can see them here as well as a bio for me on there site. My character was called "LOUISS" and I heard it brought alot of laughs at the premiere which I missed, I was in Sea World on this particular night. Thats the second Premiere I missed of mine, the other was "ALL WRAPPED UP," a feature I did for Jason Liqouri of Hocus Focus Productions. "DARK DIMENSIONS" was a lot of fun and besides for one long night shoot which started at 5pm and went straight through till 7 the next morning it was still alot of fun doing. My character "LOUISS" can travel between dimensions and he's always butting into the laws personal business, in other words the FBI does not want his help nor do the local authorities but for some reason "LOUISS" thinks he needs to help starighten things out. I had to keep one eye squinted shut because he could see visions in it and it would cause him to scream if he opened it and he would keep making wise cracks like "EYE GOT MY EYE ON YOU BABY!!!" and well, heres the review: First Screening: Dark Dimensions by Nolan B. Canova Nolan's Pop Culture Review #351 "LOUISS" was kind of like a wild man's Cope Ransom. Again, when this becomes available I think it will be worth a look, I haven't even seen it. DARK DIMENSIONS was a lot of fun to do but it was along shoot and when I was done I was glad I could cut my hair it was driving me crazy!!!

DG: "A LUDICRUS TALE" certainly has one interesting title. Is this a comedy? Tell us about the movie, your part and the shoot!

JW: "A LUDICRUS TALE" I did for John Matheny here locally, I had worked for John before on "ACCIDENTAL MEMORIES" where I played a security guard in a courthouse that had been shut down because of an escape attempt by convicts. I believe it is going to be in the GASPARELL FILM FESTIVAL next month which will be pretty cool to see. A LUDICRUS TALE, as John would say, "You did some real acting in this Joel and you didn't have to kick or kill anyone." I played the brother of an investment broker, well the three of us are, stocks and bonds and a bunch of crap I have no idea about in real life. We meet this mystic guy who can change are lifes with some as my character says "HOCUS POCUS." Well my brother buys into it (played by Jack Amos) and so does my friend but me? Hell no, and I get to voice my thoughts every chance I get. We were rehearseing a scene in the garage, the door was open and we were going over lines that required us to say "ambulance" "heart attack" and the like and two people came from next door saying "Do you need an ambulance, who had a heart attack?" We explained what we were doing and they laughed and said "We thought it was for real." Jeez, I hate to give this away as well, but there are these gods that can give you powers but you owe them in the end and the one my brother picks is called LUD the god of mischief. I already said heart attack, god of mischeif and give you something but yoou have to return something in the end, I think you can figure it out from here. It was alot of fun to just play a normal Joe, I mean I love the Martial Arts, yelling, the horror but this was kind of cool too. The shoot was great!! Alot of people that know there jobs were associated to it.¬Ý¬ÝA very professional crew indeed.

DG: "ALWAYS MIDNIGHT" is still in post-care to share on an update with the fans out there?

JW: I don't even know if I should get into this, your opening old wounds Joe. The person who was originally had this....for a year...and led me to believe it was almost done...suddenly told Phil Herman and I that he had not even started it...after a year of holding unto it....anyway words were exchanged and Phil told him "Just send it to Joel, he'll handle it from here. So the tapes ended up at my place and now I am in charge. I shot a new wrap around and new scenes to lengthen Phils segment. One of the segments "I would love to be a vampire" is complete and so is Tainted Blood which was easeist because it was already put together, I have limited editing skills and even less equipment so I brough in the help of John Matheny and am hoping to finish it soon. I had promised Phil by Christmas last year but things got so hectic with my kids and schedules and just the Holidays that it made it hard to work on, my office was a mess and I couldn't even reach my editing equipment or my computer, but now it's clean and I can find things again so I'm back at it. Still pretty damn good for a guy who just got the footage back at the end of August, I put the first short together in three hours (I WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE) and this was the one the original editor was supposed to be having problems with, I'M NOT EVEN AN EDITOR, I'm an actor. To many people were now relying on me to finish this thing so I swore to myself no matter what I would get it done. I'll give an update on www.b-independent.com under Neon Madness under "ALWAYS MIDNIGHT", if you want a good laugh look at the locked "Always Midnight" thread, if nothing else it's pretty funny to see the personal war that exploded between the three of us. I look at it when I need a good laugh. Please after all this, check this flick out when it comes out. I think it will be pretty entertaining, I did take some liberties here and there so I hope Phil doesn't come down here and kill me. It'll be fun.

DG: Congrats on your movie "THE BITE" winning a "CRYSTAL REEL AWARD" recently. Tell us about winning it!!

JW: This was exciting to me because I never won any awards before. I sent "THE BITE" into "FREAKSHOW" and lost but the one that really counted was "THE CRYSTAL REEL AWARDS", "THE BITE" beat out 200 other movies for the best feature so that at least gave me some feeling of accomplishment. It was a BRONZE award but a "CRYSTAL REEL AWARD" is a "CRYSTAL REEL AWARD" whether "CRYSTAL", "SILVER" or "BRONZE"!!!!!! Thanks for the CONGRATS Joe. It was fun to see it on the big screen and then go up on stage and except the award. It hasn't opened any doors for me or anything like that but it did give me a great deal of accomplishment to myself, makes me feel good I did something that somone else judged and found it worth giving it an award. www.fmpta.org Lists Crystal Reel Award winners

DG: What have you got lined up soon? What can fans look forward to in the future?

JW: Well, right now I'm going to pick up my wife's Dad so he can pick up his car from the being repaired but other then that?.......... I'm still working on "STAY HUNGRY THE JOEL D. WYNKOOP STORY" with Franklin E. Wales but it is hard, I give a lot of credit to people like Franklin E. Wales and Tim Ritter who make theirselves sit in front of their computers and write consistently, it is very hard, I think I just get bored and want to watch TV, Cathy did get me "VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA" and "TIME TUNNEL" and I'd rather do that but I'm trying damnit I'm trying. If all goes well with the completion of "ALWAYS MIDNIGHT" this week I am going to jump right on editing (Hopefully with John) "FALL OF AN ACTOR" and but last but not least finally "THE WYNKOOP TALES" which includes the short "SLASHER WEEKEND" which we shot 5 years ago, whew. Other then that I called my agent and told her I was free all week and to call me if anything comes up but I have not heard from them yet. Other then that, I have these JUSTICE LEAGUE Season 1 and 2 and the aforementioned "VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA" and "TIME TUNNEL" episodes to watch, ahh who am I kidding, there will be things I'll find to do, one sad note was I was scheduled to do "100 TEARS" but after talking with Marcus about scheduling conflicts I told him to give the part of "GURDY" to another actor they had as a backup, that back up, Jack Amos. That's it, other then all that, I'm a BUM!!!!!!!! This is Wynkoop, I'm out.

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