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Written by by Mitch Persons   
Jan 03, 2005 at 02:00 AM
The screen roles of New Jersey-born Nina Kaczorowski (pronounced "catch-a-russ-kee") have amounted to, as she has described them, "maybe a couple of minutes each," but she did manage to link up with some very well-known film names. She appeared with Jet Li in ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA, shared a scene with John Goodman in COYOTE UGLY, and was directed by Michael Bay in PEARL HARBOR. As of July 26th, 2002, she will be seen as one of the henchwomen of the dastardly villain "Goldmember" (one of the many incarnations of Mike Meyers) in AUSTIN POWERS 3.
"Everything," says Kaczorowski, "was an okay role. Of course, I wasn't the lead or anything, but it was a credit, and I got some nice little paychecks."
She started getting those "nice little paychecks" on a steady basis when she moved from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, California in 1997. "My parents and I left New Jersey when I was pretty young. I grew up in Houston. That's where I went to junior high, high school. I started doing plays when I was maybe, three, four, five years old, and I just kept going from there.
"I never went to college. I started modeling and traveling when I was fourteen. Every now and then I'd get called in for a TV show, or a picture, or a poster. But acting was always something I wanted to do. My parents thought I was going to outgrow it, but it never happened. I just continued pushing it. I did a couple of movies in Texas, one of them being ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA. I just knew, though, that I had to make the move to L.A. or forget about the whole thing, and do something else, and go live a normal life. So I decided to just make the move." Some of Kaczorowski's Hollywood films include TOMCATS, A SIMPLE PLAN, and JAMES DEAN. The memory of the scene she did with Goodman in COYOTE UGLY stands out, however. "The funny thing is, I was in only one sequence, and that was at the end of the movie. They had to re-do the ending, and I had this little scene with Goodman, but unfortunately, it didn't make it to screen time.
"Goodman was great, just great. It's peculiar, because you grow up all those years seeing these guys on TV and stuff, and watching the shows before you're actually out here. It's kind of fun to see that; to meet these people, to talk to them. They're just regular people like you are."
When asked if Michael Bay was on that same level, Kaczorowski laughed. "I laughed," she continued, "because I was wondering what you were going to say, because there are so many things people say about him. To the cast, he was great. He's a great director, but sometimes...I mean, if I was working on the crew, I wouldn't be very happy. I wasn't part of the crew, naturally, so I didn't know exactly what was going on totally on that end, when they were having their meetings, talking about the next setups, or whatever, but it just seemed like he was a little hard on the crew during the shooting. I have to say if I was on that crew, I would be a little nervous and jumpy running around trying to get work done, that's all."
Nina had no such feelings about working on AUSTIN POWERS 3. "That was a great shoot. It was really fun. Not only did I get to work with Mike Meyers, but also with Michael Caine, who plays Austin's father, Nigel. At one point I actually got caught in bed with Nigel by Austin.
"You put Michael Caine and Mike Meyers together, and there were so many times when everybody on the set tried to hold back their laughs. Those two would just get going, and just improv a couple of things, and went with it, and it was a riot."
Meyer's over-the-top comic abilities are well known. However, on a personal level, he is reputed to be a rather quiet and reserved individual. "I could see that. He was always very nice, never had any issues with him, like his being rude on the set, or difficult, or anything.

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