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Written by by Wendell Redding   
Jan 06, 2005 at 02:00 AM
Look up in the sky! Swooning through the air is a super-hero, intent on busting the bad guys and saving the day. Is it Superman, back on the silver screen and entertaining audiences? Or Spiderman, in his blue and red tights, backed by a multimillion-dollar budget, Sam Raimi, and spectacular CGI effects? Or is it a different kind of hero...a heroine with bountiful breasts, pointy nipples, and... a tight red and blue costume? Armed with campy humor and titillation that B-movie audiences might go wild over?
If your answer to the questions is my last description, read on, B-fans! Have I got a treat for you! If you're a fan of scantily clad babes, off-the-wall humor, and Russ Meyer films, there's a new movie NOW AVAILABLE that you'll want to feast your eyes on. It's called The Double-D Avenger and stars THREE of Russ Meyer's most well known leading ladies: Kitten (Beneath The Valley Of The Ultravixens) Natividad, Haiji (star of Faster PussycatKill! Kill!) and Raven De La (Up!) Croix! That's right, these gals are appearing all together in the brand-new flick, Double-D Avenger! There's also a major part played by Forrest J. Ackerman, can you believe it? The horror legend and Famous Monsters Of Filmland editor camps it up here in a wax museum with a bevy of bra-busting beauties! Ackerman is stronger than ever in this flick, and this is his incredible 95th film appearance!
The plot of Double-D Avenger goes something like this: busty Chastity Knott (Natividad) finds out she has breast cancer at the height of her personal success. She runs a great club that's a big hit in town and donates half of her profits to charity! Her sexy, cleavage-baring doctor recommends that she travel to South America to find the Crockzilla fruit, which may cure her cancer. Not only does it cure her (after she suggestively sucks on the phallic-like fruit!), it gives her super powers! She returns home and finds herself fighting crime in the guise of a superhero after a rival club owner and three of his evil strippers kill her boyfriend! What follows is a sightsee of Benny Hill type gags and action, not to mention plenty of shakin' boobs!
The brainchild behind this B-movie mix of campy horror, super heroine madness, and exquisite peepshow erotica is none other than one William Winckler, who wrote, produced, and directed this California digital video-lensed gem.
Winckler was practically born into show business, his father being Robert Winckler, a popular child actor of the '30s and '40s. Robert starred alongside such comedians as Laurel and Hardy, W.C. Fields, Gene Autry, Shirley Temple, and even Ronald Reagan!
William Winckler also eventually made his living in the entertainment industry as an entertainment attorney, representing lots of celebrities in the business. Winckler states that he always planned to eventually get into the crazy world of show business, but "my interests were in producing, writing, and directing, and my passions were always B-movies!"
Winckler reveals, "The Double-D Avenger is the product of my love of the classic B-movie genre. I loved the Saturday afternoon creature-features, the Vincent Price movies, Russ Meyer films, the Japanese monster movies of the '60's, and Roger Corman classics." Winckler was no stranger to the creative side of the business, though. As a teenager, he was a guest star on such shows as Knight Rider and Murder She Wrote. Later, he produced and directed the syndicated show Short Ribbs and was the head of development for Galaxy Online, An Internet company that produced movies for webcast. On that gig, he worked with such celebrities as Christopher Lloyd and Jeff Goldblum.
However, it was that love, that passion for B-movies, which pushed Winckler into forming William Winckler Productions and living his dream! It's sad to realize that famed director Russ Meyer is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and can no longer give us the thrills of yesteryear but inspiring to see someone like Winckler stepping up to the plate where Meyer left off---well, sort of.
"I wanted to take the positive things that Russ Meyer did---having the gorgeous, busty ladies running around in lingerie and superhero outfits---teasing the audiences with fun. I didn't want to succumb to the darker, kinky stuff Meyer did with is later stuff. I wanted to make a whacked-out Wonder Woman, something the major Hollywood studios would NEVER do! The humor is also really off-center in a Benny Hill way---cleavage shots, lovely ladies, funny sound effects, and slapstick choreography!"
In Double-D Avenger, the style of the old B-movies sizzles on screen. Everything from the structure of the movie, the way the shots are set up, the over-the-top delivery of the dialogue, the larger than life characters...and the teasing, bouncing CLEAVAGE SHOTS make this a movie that entertains in a way that fans will love! As a matter of fact, they'll want to watch it over and over again. How long has it been since you purchased a flick that warranted repeat-viewing anyway? Well, it's finally arrived, in Double D style!
Double-D Avenger was rejected by Blockbuster Video, but that little stumble hasn't hurt sales at all. According to Winckler, his budget has already been recouped "because the fans are so into the movie!" His grassroots effort of self-distribution seems to have paid off with phenomenal sales from his own Internet site (www.doubledavenger) and amazon.com, where fans are raving about the movie! Customer reviews do indeed show phrases like "cult movie," "over-the-top," "sexy strippers," "you'll love this movie!" and "you simply gotta see it to believe it!" It becomes quite apparent that audiences feel that they are more than getting their money's worth from the purchase---which is now available on a deluxe DVD version, here at b-movie.com! (The disc includes audio commentaries by William Winckler and Kitten Natividad, a trailer, and exclusive behind-the-scenes photos!)
Still, being snubbed by Blockbuster was an annoyance to Winckler. "Look at movies like Basic Instinct---you have Sharon Stone spreading her legs for all to see. Why carry that and not my movie? With Double-D, there's excitement with girls and big boobs---it may not be for everyone, but certainly people are enjoying it. The response so far has been overwhelming! So they should let the customer decide."
Winckler is also sick of the $100 million dollar movies full of CGI where you feel nothing for the characters. He states that movies like that "feel like McDonald's to me---tasteless and generic." Winckler wants to show people something new, something vastly different from the cookie-cutter assembly line that Hollywood offers, and Double D is just the thing needed to jolt audiences out of their stupor.
And what better way to bring back B-movies from yesteryear with a new twist? You can't argue with the proven tradition, and adding the star power of someone like Natividad, who seizes the screen for 80 lusty minutes of sexy action and titillation, this is surely the cult experience that millions of movie fans have been waiting for!
Listening to Natividad gush about her role, one can't help but smile in delight. "The character of Chastity Knott/The Double-D Avenger felt very much like me! I wasn't acting---it was really me! I WAS the Double-D Avenger! I AM the Double-D Avenger! This was my destiny!" she chuckles. "Seriously, this is one of the most fun things that I have ever done. One of the best things about making Double-D was being able to work with Haji, whom I have been friends with for over twenty-five years. The funny part was that she was trying to kill me in the movie, because in all the years that we have known each other, she's probably wanted to do that, but I'm too fast and she could never catch me!"
Haji fleshes out the role of the exotic Hydra Heffer and goes all out with her performance---going so far out that she even made her own revealing costume by hand and wore purple contact lenses for the character! "This movie was such a thrill," Haji reveals, "so different from anything I've done in the past. The character is very funny but I nevertheless made her very sexy at the same time!"
Raven, who starred as Margo Winchester in Meyer's Up!, plays the role of Kitten's sexy doctor, who's a bit on the wacky side. "I've always considered myself to be a bit of a madwoman, so I seized the chance when I first read the screenplay!"
All the cast members have nothing but good things to say about Winckler and the way he handled the production, including extended rehearsal scenes before shooting. This made the shoot fairly smooth and easy. "I've always believed that after the second take, things just get worse. Everything should be worked out in rehearsals so shooting the movie is quick and fun," Winckler says, noting that they shot the Double-D Avenger on a fifteen-day schedule. And yes, they did draw plenty of attention to themselves when shooting those street-wise action scenes! Who wouldn't do a double take of a couple of Double-D ladies running down the street in superhero costumes and revealing bikinis? And how about a bad guy in a jeep, seeking cover with a young big-busted lady sporting a thong? Indeed, this is the type of thing that pleases the B-movie fan, and every bit of it is in the movie for all to see!
So why not order a copy of The Double-D Avenger today, here at b-movie.com? You won't be disappointed and the movie definitely delivers on the tagline "She Gives Villains Tit...For Tat!"
And don't forget---this is only the beginning for Winckler and company! This is the first in a series of sexy action/comedy feature films that will be coming your way from William Winckler Productions! We'll keep you up to date on it all here at b-movie.com.

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