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Written by by Mike Watt   
Jan 18, 2005 at 02:00 AM
Whatever you do, don't call Lilith Stabs "goth". Yes, she's played vampires, dominatrixes, murderous New Orleans witches - she is not a goth. (She's going to kill me for this introduction.)

Actress, singer, model, director and producer, the "Darkly Glamorous" Lilith is a renaissance women of the finest order. She's gotten high marks for her performances in Steve Session?s horror-heist film MALEFIC and his anthology film CREMAINS, but she's recently turned her attention to comedies. Currently, she's starring as "Lt. Drusilla Dread" in J.R. Bookwalter's BAD MOVIE POLICE, and has teamed up with actress/director Amy Lynn Best in her films WERE-GRRL and the upcoming SEVERE INJURIES (in which she actually plays a hero). Currently, Lilith is running with a "no-brainer" concept called BOYS GONE WILD. And it?s just what you think it is.

Lilith can be seen in two Sub Rosa releases - Sessions' MALEFIC - telling the story of a group of lowlifes who kidnap the corpse of a millionaire?s son - and the Everette Hartsoe "classic" VAMPIRE CALLGIRLS - about a group of vampires who hire themselves out as callgirls (where Lilith does a sexy dance, but keeps her clothes on throughout). Dark Gallery had the opportunity to catch up with Ms. Stabs for the latest edition of the ?zine.

DARK GALLERY: MALEFIC seems to be the quintessential "Lilith Stabs" role - dark, commanding, etc. Was "Lace" tailor-made for you by Steve Sessions?

LILITH STABS: I believe the role I was playing was created for me by Steve Sessions. It was quite a "Lilith" type of part and I enjoyed playing it. It was easy to play her because I really identified with her. [The shoot] wound up being just two and a half days. Maybe three days, to get mine done. I am happy with the way it came out.

DG: What were some of the problems you encountered during the making of this film? And what are your thoughts on the final product?

LS: I like the final product with it being black and white. It lends a lot to the mood. Some of the problems - well I guess the main problem was lack of time. Steve thought he may not have enough time to get all my parts shot before my flight was scheduled to leave. He got a little bit stressed. Then we had to work extra long hours because he had plane tickets for people to fly back in a couple of days. Mainly mine. I really had to get done with things. So it got crazed for a while.

DG: Did MALEFIC do more for your career than, say, VAMPIRE CALLGIRLS? What were the main differences between the two productions (aside from the obvious)?

LS: Well, VAMPIRE CALLGIRLS got me noticed (since I was on the cover) and pretty much the only actress in the film relying on speaking. But I think MALEFIC was a much better film to show acting abilities.

DG: For a long while, you were typecast as the brooding dominatrix, but you've been gradually escaping that role with more comedies. What types of roles are you actively pursuing at the moment?

LS: Types of roles I'm looking for: horror/thrillers, comedy, drama, etc. [laughs] I think as some more people in the industry began to get to know me, they?ll realize that to [continue to cast me] in the type of roles I was typecast in is very limiting. And also far from the real me. I think there is a big misconception that some people have about me. I'm just me. I don't really think of "Lilith Stabs" as a persona; it?s just a name. I have heard some people think I'm really mean, and therefore would be mean to fans. It goes along with the whole image and that they are too blind to do anything except buy into it. Any of the people in the industry who claim they hate me are in most cases those who have taken no time to actually get to know me. I think a lot of the misconception people have about me is because I have been a professional domina, that coupled with the fact that I used to have black hair. I guess [critics] never looked beyond what they perceive as my dark evil image. I mean come on, I like cuddly little bunnies. When I do shows, I bring my bunny, Serena, with me. I even named my production company after them Vampybunny Productions!

DG: You've teamed up director/actress Amy Lynn Beston two productions, WERE-GRRL and the upcoming Sub Rosa production SEVERE INJURIES - how did these roles differ from some of your past characters?

LS: They were supposed to be comedies - instead of horror movies that just turned out funny.

DG: What's coming up for you?

LS: My life is very stressful at the moment. There?s no sense in going into it, though. It?s just my life. [laughs] At this time, because of what is going on I don't really have much in the way of projects lined up. Except of course BOYS GONE WILD.

Visit Lilith on the web at www.vampybunny.com
and www.lilithstabs.com

VAMPIRE CALLGIRLS is available now on DVD, with the bonus film BATTLE OF THE COLOSSAL WOMEN, from Sub Rosa Studios as part of the "Drive In Double Feature" Series.

MALEFIC is available now on DVD along with the bonus feature RAISING HELL. Special Edition DVD includes Commentary, Trailers, Photo's, Making Of, Outtakes, Deleted Scenes and more.

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