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Written by by Mike Watt   
Jan 19, 2005 at 02:00 AM
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DANGER GIRL: A Brief Interview with Emily Haack
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In this author's opinion, Emily Haack is one of the most dedicated and courageous actresses working in indie films today. In her debut film, SCRAPBOOK, Emily plays the most recent victim of a serial killer, subjected to countless humiliations, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. The film was largely improvisational, with Haack relying on the give and take of her co-star, Tommy Biondo, and the guidance of her director, Eric Stanze.

In subsequent films, Haack has been called upon to both murder and be murdered. In I SPIT ON YOUR CORPSE, I PISS ON YOUR GRAVE, an extreme revenge movie, Haack uses a broomstick in a unique (and graphic) way. But by all accounts, she gives each role her all, without complaint or hesitation, always delivering an intense performance.

Dark Gallery was fortunate enough to grab a few minutes for the busy and talented actress.

DARK GALLERY: First things first: you go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to your performances - particularly in terms of sexual content. How do you decide how far is too far when it comes to a role requirement? Was this what you had in mind when you first started thinking about acting?

EMILY HAACK: SCRAPBOOK was my first movie, and before I met the Wicked Pixel guys I hadn't really thought about acting. Not seriously, anyway. But when Tommy and Eric came to me with the part of "Clara", I was instantly intrigued and excited about the project. I did not have a problem with any of the nudity or sexual content that I was to do. I trusted Tommy and Eric and the rest of the crew completely and knew that they would not make me do anything I didn't want to. I never felt exploited or dirty or like we were going "too far."

The same thing goes for my role in I SPIT. I would not have done any of those things in that movie if I was not comfortable doing them. The "broomstick [insertion] scene" was really a spur of the moment thing, but I did it because I felt it added nicely to the crazy, fucked-up, exploitation feel that the movie was presenting.

DG: Is there a line between commitment and insanity that you won't cross?

EH: I am usually very open to whatever the role calls for or whatever Eric suggests. If I am not feeling right about a certain thing, I am comfortable with expressing my opinion. I will not do something if I feel I am being exploited. That is where I draw the line.

DG:. While "porn" is defined very much by context - I, for instance, would not classify either I SPIT ON YOUR CORPSE, etc, or SCRAPBOOK as porn - there are others that find ANY kind of sexuality in a film pornography - what is your take on this? Have you been accused of being a porn artist?

EH: I believe that we have been accused of being porn peddlers by many a critic. It seems like some people automatically assume you're doing pornography if you tell them that you have gotten naked in a movie, especially if you've gotten naked and have been in intimate contact with another person. It can get tiring having to explain to people that no, it's not porn. And if you get off on the scenes in those two movies, you've got some issues!

To me, pornography is something that is made strictly for the viewer's sexual gratification. My scenes with Tommy in SCRAPBOOK were by no means meant to be sexy OR gratifying in any way. They were about power over and violence towards another human being.

DG: Sexuality and horror almost seem to go hand in hand, particularly in Eric's work. What are your thoughts on this? Are sex and horror two sides of the same coin in some ways?

EH: That's an interesting question...I think that the sexuality in our movies, particularly in SCRAPBOOK and I SPIT, has been there partly to enhance the shock value of the horror content. Many people are put off by graphic nudity and sexual situations, so that just adds to the uncomfortability factor that we aim for with some of our movies.

I do believe that you can have a successful horror movie with absolutely no nudity or sexual situations at all. Definitely. Wicked Pixel has done that and I'm sure we will do it again. But, when you do have those elements in a gory, violent movie, it can serve to make you squirm even more.

Also, I sometimes think the horror of a violent scene can be amplified if the person being assaulted/cut up/made to bleed/etc is naked...because it makes the victim seem more helpless. They are totally exposed and in their purest form.

DG: Thanks, Emily!
In addition to SCRAPBOOK and I SPIT ON YOUR CORPSE, you can catch Emily Haack in Jeremy Wallace's THE UNDERTOW.

Visit Wicked Pixel online at www.wickedpixel.com

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