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Written by Written by Mike Watt   
Jan 23, 2005 at 02:00 AM
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Kimberly Lynn Cole: Indie Queen
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Actress and filmmaker Kimberly Lynn Cole is perhaps best-known for her role as the sultry Mirricula in Joe Sherlock's ODD NOGGINS. A close second for fans was her appearance in the "lesbian vampire" section of Steve Sessions excellent CREMAINS. In addition to acting, her other passions include amusement park rides and rescuing animals.
Her most-recent appearance is in Peter Keir's PSYCHO SANTA, in which she gives a heart-wrenching performance as a victim of the title character. Dark Gallery had the privilege to interview this talented young woman.

DARK GALLERY: Currently on sale at www.b-movie.com, PSYCHO SANTA features you in a very intense cameo. What can you tell us about your role in the film and in the production itself?

KIMBERLY LYNN COLE: This was a great film to work on, I was recommended to Peter Keir by another director and I believe this is only his second film. But he was very intense and I think he might be German. My favorite part of the whole thing was that my real son Dylan Cole was cast as my son in the film and we both have an encounter with the PSYCHO SANTA that does not end up very pretty for either of us! This film has it all: bungling burglars, a deranged psycho killer locked in the basement, beautiful naked chicks in a remote cabin, a kooky couple headed for a Christmas party and a date with death, and a very cute brother and sister team who have car trouble and a death defying encounter with Mr. Jingle Bells himself. It stars Eric Spudic, Lucien Eisenach, myself and my son Dylan Cole. It is also a double feature with a Max Cerchi title as the second feature: SATAN CLAUS.

DG: Thanks, Kim. You just made my job easier! You're a long-time associate of Steve Sessions, appearing in his CREMAINS and upcoming DEAD CLOWNS. What's it like working with this unsung genius?

KLC: Well you got that right: he is a Genius! He is a lot of fun to work with, he has the greatest sense of humor in the world, We have been through a lot together and I am very honored to have worked with him on CREMAINS, DEADFALL (an unreleased horror short) and DEAD CLOWNS. I can remember him sending me some DVD's in the mail and sending a little note that said: "I put all these DVD's in the box so the packing peanuts would not be damaged!" Those of us who know him best know that his dog, Hobo, really writes all the screenplays.

Seriously, I adore Steve and cannot wait for DEAD CLOWNS to be finished. It?s going to be his best work yet and if you have seen MALEFIC and HELLBOUND: THE BOOK OF THE DEAD, which were masterpieces of indie horror, you know DEAD CLOWNS will be good!

DG: Your character Mirricula first appeared in ODD NOGGINS. How was that project to work on and will that character be seen in future projects (as if we didn't know)?

KLC: ODD NOGGINS is my favorite film that I have done. If you have seen it then you know this because director Joe Sherlock does a kewl interview with himself at the end of the film [and says] that I was the "muse" for the project, which is a huge honor. It is a campy, artsy, horror, comedy sci-fi film about alien house wives who collect heads on earth. Joe Bob Briggs recently reviewed the film and gave it 3 stars! I adore Joe Bob Briggs - he is an awesome guy! As for Mirricalla she has a big project in the works. She is somewhat of a local celebrity here, having hosted the Montgomery, Alabama?s Zoo's charity ZOO BOO for ten years now and doing the commercials and interviews etc.... She will be the hostess of MIRRICALLA'S CASTLE OF HORROR, which we are in the planning stages on as we speak. It will be a gigantic haunted house for charity which will be located here at my own new home, SCREAM FARM. It will be on seven acres and also feature a small horror and independent film museum as well as a couple of amusement park rides. The proceeds will go to children's charities such as a children's burn center in Alabama.

DG: What is the status of you own productions? Tell us more!

KLC: Well EVIL CLOWN PRODUCTIONS is off and running. For years I have done cameos for folks and shot my own scenes, I even shot my own scenes for Joe Sherlock's yet to be released ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE and for Ted V. Mikel's MARK OF THE ASTRO-ZOMBIES - I wrote my own scenes for that. We just finished filming cameo scenes for Stephanie Aldridge's DESCENT INTO DARKNESS and for Christopher Kahler's Drunkenfleshfilms production of GOING GOING.. So we are alive and well and working hard. We filmed our first horror short, written and directed by me, and starring Leo Zemke, called BLACK DOLL. It?s being re-edited now. Also we are shooting zombie carnage scenes for Ari Richard's INTERNATIONAL ZOMBIE PROJECT. After that we are doing my short, SCREAM FARM.

DG: What's this I hear about you being a genuine Egyptian Belly-Dancer? You don't look Egyptian.

KLC: Ha Ha. My mother used to teach classical dance, jazzercise and Egyptian Belly Dance as I was growing up, so naturally I learned to do the dance. On a recent trip to Egypt, I took a cruise and danced onstage with the featured belly dancer - it was a blast! I also did a belly dance routine in ODD NOGGINS. Actually, I love the Egyptian people and the trip was the trip of a lifetime! My guide Mohamed Gabry was also Moses? guide (well, he was Charleton Heston's guide when he was in Egypt several years back). Mohamed told me I had Egyptian Eyes and an Egyptian heart.

DG: You have a deep love for carnivals and amusement parks. What's up with that? Isn't one of your goals to open a theme park of your own?

KLC: Yeppers see question number 3. I want a Chance Turbo ride; it's a dream of mine. There were only twenty-three made in the world in the 1970's. Most are trashed now, but three are still running - one in South Africa and one just recently was sold to China (I missed out on the deal) . And one is in Australia as we speak, in Canberra. I just had a friend send me a video of it running. They refuse to sell it. I know of two here that are trash I could get cheap, but it would cost me $100,000 to get them running. And I would rather have the haunted house because it will make money for children's programs.

DG: Why do you own a squirrel?

KLC: NO! The squirrel owned me. Seriously, I rehabilitate wild animals and take in a lot of strays. I love animals. I have three puppies and a momma dog I picked up last week. They were starving, and we are nursing them back to health now. I have rehabilitated two baby squirrels in the last three years - not as pets! - to be released to the wild. Chip was one who was successfully released and Razz Ma Tazz was the most recent, the most precious creature on Earth. A lady my mom worked with at the state had a tree fall in her yard, which killed the mommy and all the babies died accept Razz. So I got him as a tiny, tiny infant and raised him to an adult and he was free to roam and chew furniture at will. We had a 13-foot-tall Christmas tree in our great room that became his home until he moved out to the sunroom by the pool. Then he found other squirrels and left, came back and then left for good. As a squirrel momma I was very proud.

DG: You're part of a strong group of female artists who are hoping to expand their craft beyond that of the limitations of "scream queen" or "femme fatale" by avoiding nudity and taking a more active role beyond acting by producing, writing and directing your own projects. What are your feelings about the female position in independent low-budget filmmaking today?

KLC: Well I cannot knock nudity, I chose not to do it personally but I have great respect for the Queens of the Scream Queen genre like the amazing Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley And Stephanie Beaton, who are amazing and talented and lovely. I am just doing what suits me best and also no one ever offered me enough money to want to take off my clothes. I think there are more opportunities than ever for females in the Indie scene. There are strong females like Amy Lynn Best who is directing her own films and doing an excellent job of it with SEVERE INJURIES and WERE GIRL and she is just AMAZING!!! Also Lilith Stabs, who is a very strong female doing the BOYS GONE WILD series and turning the tables on the men!

DG: Who do you hope to work with in the future?

KLC: Joe Bob Briggs, Joel D. Wynkoop (Christopher Kahler is writing something for us as we speak), Robyn Griggs, Jeff Dylan Graham (again) Amy Lynn Best, Phil Herman (again), the Amazing Debbie D...

DG: Anything else you'd care to add?

KLC: I think that amazing things are going to happen for the independent scene and that this is the best time for horror films ever in history. With Hollywood scrambling to keep up with the public's new thirst for horror with big movies like JASON VS FREDDY and the new Chucky film, THE SEED OF CHUCKY, ALIENS VERSES PREDATOR... Also the most talked about films of the year were CABIN FEVER and 28 DAYS LATER and WRONG TURN, so it?s a good day to be part of the horror genre! I have to go and nail up more boards to keep the zombies out at night....HUGS AND SCREAMS!

Visit Kim at www.kimberlylynncole.com.
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