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Written by Written by Seth Roman   
Jan 24, 2005 at 02:00 AM
GUT PILE tells the story of a hunting trip gone awry. Out hunting one morning, Dan accidentally shoots another hunter. Instead of doing the right thing, he chooses to instead hide the evidence and bury the body. Cut to one year later. Dan's back out hunting with his friends Mike and Bob, his misdeed appearing to be successfully covered up. All is shaping up to a normal outing - the friend's playing cards, getting drunk, cracking jokes. But then, in classic horror movie fashion, something comes back to life in the woods. Produced by Ron Bonk, GUT PILE was directed by Jerry O'Sullivan, who put his heart and soul into this gory, darkly-funny horror film.
Available for the first time on DVD,
GUT PILE also boasts the short films STUMPED and I'VE KILLED AGAIN, as well as a fifteen minute behind-the-scenes look at the feature.

O'Sullivan granted Dark Gallery a brief interview:

DARK GALLERY: How did you get started making movies?

JERRY O'SULLIVAN: As a kid my father would occasionally pull out the "home movies". The standard format for home movies back then was Super 8mm film. I thought it was cool to be able to re-live those events projected on the living room wall. I got my own camera and started making my own short stories....mostly horror and comedy.

DG: How did you get involved with Ron Bonk?

JO'S: Ron had an ad in the paper back in '96 looking for acting/crew help for VICIOUS SWEET. I gave him a call and the rest is history.

DG: What inspired the story for GUT PILE?

JO'S: I have done some deer hunting in the past; you have a lot of time to think when you're standing in the woods for periods of time. Every year, like clockwork, there's always at least one person who is shot accidentally by another.

DG: GUT PILE was originally intended to be a short. How does the feature differ from the original idea?

JO'S: The story never changed....we just added a few scenes that we felt held it together without boring people. The short was never completed.

DG: How do you feel about the final product?

JO'S: The movie is probably about 75% of what I wanted it to be. "Shoot for the stars, end up with the moon" kind of thing. In general, I like it and I'm proud of it. It's entertaining and fun. There are a few shots that I wish flowed together better. In general, I am happy with it. DG: How do you feel about the comparison's to Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD?

JO'S: I'm not concerned about the comparison. If anything, I'll be in good company.

DG: What do you have coming up?

JO'S: I'm working with Ron here and there on a few small projects he has going. I myself have no definite plans as of right now. I wanted to release GUT PILE and see how that goes first.

GUT PILE is available for sale now at www.b-movie.com
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