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Jan 29, 2005 at 02:00 AM
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The Realms Of Robert J. Massetti
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Sub Rosa Studios is proud to present the sophomore effort of horror filmmaker Robert J. Massetti, a dark and twisted anthology movie called REALMS OF BLOOD. REALMS features three tales of bloody terror told by two roommates caught in a blackout, including stories involving a mentally unstable Gulf War vet, a nerd who can't get a date, and an aging priest who is forced to fight vampires! Teaming up with Massetti on the writing chores of REALMS is none other than Sub Rosa Unbound's Tim Ritter, creator of such classics as TRUTH OR DARE and CREEP.

Recently, we caught up with Massetti at his FearFilm, Inc. offices (based in sunny South Florida) and discussed everything from last year's PHOBIAS DVD release through the shooting of his current flick, REALMS OF BLOOD.

DG: Tell us about your aspirations and how you got started in the horror film biz...

RJM: It all started back when I was a kid, my parents, being huge horror fans, would go to the drive-in movie theater every weekend and catch the latest batch of horror films. Being at the time they were short on cash, they would take me along to save on the cost of a baby sitter. If any "bad" parts came up on screen, I could duck down behind the car seat. From then on I was hooked, I would read all the "Monster" magazines, collect horror trading cards, build monster models, et. Anything to do with monsters or horror movies, I just had to have it. I don't know why, but it just was a complete fascination with everything dark, and macabre. I didn't get the filmmaking bug until I was in high school and being a huge horror fan, making horror movies was just the logical choice. I went to film school at Columbia College in Chicago, Ill. where I really got to learn the craft of filmmaking from screenwriting to directing.

 After graduation, I made the big move to Florida with only a little bit of money, my clothes, and a dream to make it big in the movies. Only the road was not that easy, and like anything in life, if you don't fight for what you believe in, you'll never amount to anything in this world. So, after many years of working low paying, crappy jobs to make ends meet, I finally decided to live my dream and become a filmmaker full time. That's when I started FEAR FILM Independent Productions Inc. with my partner Jon Fish and made our first film together called "When Shadows Lie Darkest."

DG: PHOBIAS was released last year by Sub Rosa. Tell us how that came about and were you satisfied by how it was received by the fans? What are some of the film fest awards PHOBIAS won?

RJM: Fans generally liked "PHOBIAS" which was really satisfying to me and everyone involved with the project because of all the hard work we put in for no pay. With all the problems we had making those movies, we still somehow got them finished and even more important, got them seen. Sub Rosa did a great job putting together a professional, high quality DVD package. I've seen other distributors DVD's and they just basically just slap the movie on a DVD and that's it. Sub Rosa gave us a nice package, menus, and a great color corrected transfer. I was really happy with how the DVD turned out.

Some of the festival awards that PHOBIAS has won are: "Special Commendation" at the Canadian International Film Festival, Best Supporting Actor Nick Colameo, Best Sound, Best Makeup FX, and Best Special FX at the Saints and Sinners Film Festival in Tampa, Florida.

DG: REALMS OF BLOOD is your second 'anthology' movie. Why did you choose short stories once again for your sophomore effort?

RJM: One reason for another anthology was due to the fact that when you make a movie for no-money, it's sometimes hard to keep people aboard your project for long periods of time. Knowing how long it took to make our other movies, I didn't want to find out that after several months of shooting, someone had to leave the project. So it's easier to shoot a small story for a month or two and then get new actors for another small story. That's how we were able to get "REALMS OF BLOOD" done because the entire project ended up taking almost a year to complete principle photography. Plus the fact that I didn't feel ready to tackle a feature length story yet. Now, after completing "REALMS OF BLOOD," I feel more than ready to tackle a feature length story so you won't be seeing anymore short movies from me in the future.

DG: Tell us about shooting 'REALMS OF BLOOD'---any great behind-the-scenes stories?

 RJM: Our lead actress in 'REALMS OF BLOOD,' Sheyenne Rivers gets scared very easily. Which is funny because she likes to watch horror films but she is the one jumping and screaming the loudest in the movie theater. So when word of this got out on the set, Bob Glazier, who plays the 'Pain Killer' in the first segment, took advantage of the her plight. I can remember many times trying to set up a shot in the 'Pain Killer' segment when all of a sudden I would hear this load scream. Sure enough it would be Sheyenne who got scared because Bob was in full makeup and all he was doing was just standing behind her. This led to another funny incident when we were shooting late at night in a local park. The scene called for Sheyenne to come upon this woman who was lying on the ground. The first take we did Sheyenne comes up to actress Jennifer Sgambati, who is lying still on the ground, to see if she is okay, when Jennifer gets up suddenly screaming and asking for help. Well, this scared not only Sheyenne to death, but the entire crew. Sheyenne must have leaped about 5 feet into the air, but being the true professional that she is, stayed in character and finished out the shot. This scene is featured in the making of documentary included on the 'REALMS OF BLOOD' DVD.

DG: What can fans expect from this movie in terms of content and gore?

RJM: 'REALMS OF BLOOD' is the most ambitious movie we have made to date. Having a little bit of money really increased the production values in the movie. Plus we had access to a 'GlideCam' for part of the movie for those nice, professional looking moving shots. It's just a bigger movie all around and we really pulled out the stops in the gore department. We used some really cool special effect shots to make a decapitation look very real and Gina Rooney, our Special FX make-up artist, was working overtime to make things look as gory as possible. So if you thought the gore was good in 'PHOBIAS', than you have seen nothing yet.

DG: What was your budget and how long did it take to shoot 'REALMS OF BLOOD'?

RJM: Well, it's funny, when we started shooting 'REALMS OF BLOOD' we didn't really have a budget and had no idea how much it would take to make the film. We just started spending money as things came up and didn't compromise as much. If we didn't have the money to get something, we saved up until we could. We ended up spending about $5,000.00 on the film, which went into renting equipment like generators, lighting kits, some nice mikes and recording equipment, and we rented a real police car for a scene. Plus we were shooting in public places, so we had to have insurance--- which added to our costs. I wanted to raise the bar with movie and see how professional I could make a movie with little money. All in all, the movie took about year and a half to complete. 'REALMS OF BLOOD' stars Sheyenne Rivers, who is new to the FEAR FILM family, Bob Glazier, who acted in 'Blackout', Nick Colameo, who was featured in 'PHOBIAS', Jon Fish, who starred in 'PHOBIAS' and produced it as well, and Trish Dempsey, who acted in 'Blackout.'

DG: FEAR FILM seems to really be making a name for itself in South Florida and beyond. Tell us what your company is up to, what long-range plans are, and where fans can meet up with you at various conventions?

 RJM: To keep up to date on all that FEAR FILM is doing, you can log on to our website at http://www.fearfilm.com. FEAR FILM's long term goals is to get out of making no-budget movies and start making big budget 35mm movies for theatrical release. Of course this has been a struggle since most investors really don't want to invest in horror movies and independent movies in general are a high-risk investment. But we here at FEAR FILM are very determined and will continue to keep trying to find the money to move the company to the next level. In the mean time, we will still continue to make these no-budget movies because they are just fun to make.

I am once again one of the guests of honor at the SCREAMFEST Horror Convention in South Florida. The convention runs Nov. 6 & 7 and I will be there along with the stars of 'REALMS OF BLOOD' so if you are in the area, I would love to meet you. For more info on the convention, you can go to http://www.spookyempire.com

DG: Once REALMS OF BLOOD is out there, what can fans expect from Robert Massetti and FEAR FILM in the next year or two?

RJM: We are still in the process of finding investors for our big budget horror epic "The Woods Are Alive" (Written by Tim Ritter) which we have now been shopping around for almost two years. We hope something happens with that film by the end of the year, but there are no guarantees. I am also in the process of developing another no-budget horror film which I will write and direct (don't have a title yet). I am as producing another no-budget horror film that will be written and directed by first time director Luke Benedetto. We have some other small projects that are still in the works, but don't have any details on as of yet. When we find funding for 'Woods' this could all change, but this is the plan for now.

I hope you enjoy 'REALMS OF BLOOD' and continue to support independent horror.

DG: Thanks for your time, and for interested fans, order REALMS OF BLOOD here.

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