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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Aug 11, 2005 at 02:00 AM
DG: Tell us a bit about yourself. Are you from Spain originally?

Christine:Yes, I was born in Spain on March 28, 1976.

 DG: You did attend a theater acting school for a little bit, right?

Christine: Well, I studied Public relations at the first and when lived in Malaga I took thetarer scholl, dancing and body _expression.

 DG: I understand you have modelled for a while?

Christine:Yes, I have modeled in footbridge and photographs. He is something that I still continue doing, because we did not record a film every month... and for the cinema that we do the opportunities are not the same ones.

DG: You've worked with Jess Franco on BROKEN DOLLS and RED SILK - were they shot at the same time or back to back?

Christine: At the first we shoted RED SILK and after BROKEN DOLLS.

DG: In RED SILK you get to play the detective partner of Lina Romay. Had you seen many of her earlier films? What did you think of them?

Christine: Hardly I knew Jess Franco, we did casting, and it gave to me the protagonist next to Lina Romay in RED SILK. At he same time, we looked together some Jess Franco films like Tender Flesh, Killer Barbies, El Hotel de los Ligues... I never have seen all them. I think that in the cinema of Jess it's possible to emphasize different stages, like in the one of all great artist. It has times at which the terrórific cinema is the one that emphasizes more, nevertheless, in these last years... has dedicated more time to him to the eroticism. I'll like to make a mixture subtle of both things.

DG: How was the production of RED SILK? Did it go smoothly?

Christine: The film was rolled with no problems. It was amused and for my one experience new...

DG: What was the most difficult part of making RED SILK?

Christine: It was perhaps when we were recording on the street... people was always watching me... and sometimes invaded the camera area. I remember a gentleman who did not stop to around give returns doing that was reading a newspaper. Jess annoyance much. Afterwards when we recorded a scene, in which I came next to Ezequiel Cohen, two of us drunked... and I must put a skirt to me that I didn't like. And I said that not put it. We stoped the recording half an hour approximately. In the end I didn't put it.

DG: Tell us about SNAKEWOMAN, your upcoming release from Jess Franco.

Christine: Is a story of possesion, lesbianism and a bit of vampirism with a mad doctor and a lot of mistery and erotiscism. It will be the return of Antonio Mayans a former actor of Jess factory.

DG: Anything else you'd like to add?

Christine: I'd would like continue my actress career with Jess and others directors. And don't forget to watch Snakewoman...it's a big film. Sure.

DG: Keep up with Christine at her website: http://www.ChristieLevin.com.

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