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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Aug 13, 2005 at 02:00 AM
DG: After years of the Subspecies movies, you took the vampire genre on with your directorial debut, VAMPIRE RESURRECTION. Was that mainly because you knew you had fans of that genre or are you that big a fan of vampires?

Denice: Well, it would be cheap to say it was the former instead of the latter...but I can not tell a lie... :-)

DG: How did you meet Ron Ford, who wrote the screenplay for VAMPIRE RESURRECTION?

Denice: He was contacted by the exec producer Carol Wenger to write a horror script that I could direct. He came up with Song of the Vampire the original and (preferred title) and I decided to be in too, though my original intention was to just direct.

DG: Where was the main location for the movie (the house)?

Denice: Baton Rouge Louisiana and Westlake/ Malibu Hills California

DG: How was it as a first-time directing experience?

Denice: The best time of my life. The most creative, interactive collaborative experience. I love being on a set, the energy is magical.

DG: Are you looking forward to doing more directing?

Denice: Yes, although it is extremely time consuming pre-, during and post-production. I am a mother and I do a lot of volunteer work with Humanitarian organizations (ie, Citizens Commission on Human Rights). Now I know why there aren't as many female directors...they usually have children to ensure are safe, well educated, and loved.

DG: I saw you at a Fangoria Con two years ago when there was a panel on The Last Patient - which was recently released as DR. RAGE. Was it a real "indie" type of project where everyone pitched in a did what they could to make the movie happen?

Denice: Not really. I mean we all had our own dressing room, maybe shared with one other actor on certain days. There were plenty of hair and make-up people. A full crew, from first and 2nd AD's to runners and prop masters. Even work permits and a police officer on security duty full time.

DG: I absolutely love that funky faux-70s Chex Mix commercial you are in! It reminds me of so many get-togethers when I was a tiny kid. How was it to shoot?

Denice: The audition was a blast because I got to be that Mary Tyler Moore -esque mom and dress up in my grandmothers 1968 orange dress and put on false eyelashes and I got the gig. It was two day of packing a whole crew and a whole cast in a tiny authentic retro home in Burbank Cal. They shot it hand held bolex camera's and 35 mm as well and treated it in post production. When the cast got low energy and the director yelled more energy, I said, "Think of the Checks we'll be getting for eating this Chex!" It made everyone laugh every time!

DG: What do you have in the works or coming out soon that you'd like your fans to know about?

Denice: I was cast in the Shield but I already planned a trip to Chile last month doing some volunteer work for the Way to Happiness Foundation and so they had to recast it. The upside is they still paid me. They really like me and want to get me in for something else soon. I'm doing a photo gallery exhibit soon but that will be in Los Angeles. I'm in pre-production on a film with Geoffrey Lewis currently. It's called THE WHIP. I'll talk about it on my site later.

DG: Everyone can keep up with Denice at http://www.deniceduff.com. Thanks again for your time, Denice!

Denice: My pleasure, thanks for doing your homework. It was a pleasure answering your questions!

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