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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Aug 14, 2005 at 02:00 AM
Dark Gallery: You went to high school with directors Joe (Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires) Sherlock and John (Housebound) Bowker, right?

Jon Wilmot: Absolutely, back then it was really cool that they actually had a 'VHS - Recorder/Camera!' And the films were very fun to produce, even more fun to watch.

DG: Tell us about "Starchasers," an early Sherlock/Bowker collaboration you did a little "stunt driving" for.

Jon Wilmot: I had very little exposure to the making of Starchasers, as I really only provided some "stunt driving" on a couple of occasions, but it was a lot of fun, and more dangerous than it looks!! While in some scenes my Dad's old '77 Buick Electra could be seen going at speeds up to and beyond 45 MPH, it looked like we were only going 25!! Then there was the whole fishtailing down a gravel road with a camera man in the trunk!! Wow, we were kind of crazy, huh?? (We still are, and I wouldn't have it any other way!!)

DG: So after many years of living lives on different paths, the three of you met by chance at a McDonald's?

Jon Wilmot: That's right; We were there with little'ns. Whilst the children played, we got caught up on major life changing events in our respective lives, and then schemed towards getting me back into the six-figure income of acting in B-Movies again:

  1. I figure someone will eventually buy the movie(s)
  2. I figure it won't take more than 10 years for this to happen
  3. I figure they will then promote them and sell millions of copies
  4. I figure after all the hands it will have gone through to get to that stage
  5. I figure it might just about break even, and
  6. I figure I'll be just as broke as I was years earlier when the film(s) were made!!
Them's the closest to 6 figures I figure I'll ever get! It's all about the Washington's Baby!!

DG: Your role in ABOMINATION: EVILMAKER 2 was that of a cop kicked of the force. Can you tell us more about your character?

Jon Wilmot: Besides being an ex-cop stupid enough to unofficially investigate a scene where multiple homicides took place without any weapons?! No, Charles was cool, personally I believe he had much more potential with the aid of improvisation, but hey, getting tied up, bound and gagged, and seduced on multiple occasions, by multiple women of varying degrees of "ghoul-dom" -- too bad it was simulated ... or was it??

DG: That was shot on weekends over several months - how were the shoots?

Jon Wilmot: TORTUROUS!! Actually the shoots done in recent years have all been more businesslike, but there is the understanding that we're probably never going to see a dime, so a lot of room is/was made for having fun too!! Practical Jokes were fun and plentiful, and depending on how far behind schedule we were, depended on the frequency, and acceptance of same! Bloopers could be both fun and annoying as well, but as the nights turned into late mornings, everyone couldn't help but get a little "punch-drunk." All in all, it was a lot of hard work, a lot of fun, and worth every minute!

DG: Any good stories from the set?

Jon Wilmot: From the set of which movie?? There are always stories!! Some wilder than others and I am always willing to share ... in private ... in chains ... Wow, I must be tired!! Or maybe I just want to go to bed. I am looking forward to getting some more stories to tell!! Maybe I'll score a role, maybe even a lead role in one of Joe's films ... hmmmm?!

DG: Fans are laughing it up at your performance as Frank in BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES. Can you tell us about that shoot?

Jon Wilmot: It was relatively short as we had "mostly" one take wonders, but man that was a fun shoot to be a part of. If any movie makes it big, I hope this one goes far!! I've seen movies that aren't as funny, and apparently have smaller budgets, on HBO, and in theatres that don't hold a candle to this film!! Acting the "tripe-eating" scene was pretty easy, the garlic/guacamoli dip mixed with the fiery hot pork rinds, was almost enough to really make me blow chunks!! But act well thy part, for there in all the honor lies, eh?! The falling scene was a little tricky, but my hip should be fine after the replacement!! (Just kidding). Then there was the time poor Dee landed right between the expensive safety cushions (off of the couch as I recall, right?) that we painstakingly placed so that she wouldn't be hurt, and of course they were rendered useless, in the way she landed (Sorry, Dee I'll gladly let you lock me up in your closet for a weekend to make it up to you??) Ooh, I'm naughty!! Somebody spank me!! After the shoot we were able to see some of the other scenes in "rough cut form," and I was so happy to be a part of something so hilariously fun to watch, I could barely peel my eyes off the screen!! I would gladly take part in anything of that show's caliber, anytime soon!!

DG: You play a thug in UNDERBELLY. What do you remember from that shoot?

Jon Wilmot: I remember a lot of running, endless running through back streets! I remember wanting to do some really cool improvising, but having run some ideas by my girlfriend, she wasn't so cool with the ideas, I will never forget John's practical joke about the tractor beam!!

DG: You star in one of the segments on the horror anthology THE SEEKERS. In it, you had to act alongside a woman whose character is a stripper...and she just happened to BE a stripper. Got any interesting tales from that shoot?

Jon Wilmot: (in the style of Homer Simpson) MMMMM- Strippers!! I like strippers!! I enjoyed the shoot, but make no mistake, just because I was hiding in a closet ... I'm not "hiding in the closet..." Make no mistake, I'm not coming out of the closet either ... because ... rather, I was in the closet in the shoot, but ... look I like female strippers, okay?! (and women who aren't strippers ... unless they are totally unwilling to take their clothes off in a non-platonic relationship) Don't you love when I go off on tangents?? Want to ride some bikes??

DG: Your role in WEREWOLF TALES: DARK BITE required some cool-looking make-up effects - can you tell us about all of that?

Jon Wilmot: Imagine slime being applied to your face, and then having it slowly congealing, kinky, huh?? ... I imagine it's kind of like post Jell-O wrestling, but I have no common frame of reference ... any takers?? Seriously it is amazing what John, and Joe come up with and equally amazing the talents of Bob (spelled backwards - still Bob...). Mr. Miracle can put the most uncomfortable "stuff" on your body and magically makes it all feel comfortable (that was a serious comment, not a sick joke!! Sickos!!)!! There's a lot of magic in the films we make, and in the friends we make in making them. But for special effects, make-up artistry, etc. John, Rob, and Joe are the absolute best, Mr. Lucas - Mr. King, y'all got nuthin' on these guys!!

DG: Do you see more acting in your future?

Jon Wilmot: Only Joe or John, or some really, really big Hollywood producer - (nudge-nudge-wink-wink) - can answer that!! I will, as always try to make my schedule as open as humanly possible when it comes to acting, especially if I am to become - "MASTER THESPIAN!!" (while I have not attained that status yet, I have been accused of being a lesbian in a past life...).

DG: Anything else you'd like to add?

Jon Wilmot: I would like to thank my parents, My agent(whom I don't have yet), Joe, John, Bob, Michael Gorbachev, Samuel Adams, French Fries, Karaoke, Mr. David Pool, Mister Peanut, Ron Wright, and of course Ronald Mcdonald for making it possible for us all to reunite and start making movies, so that I can accept... what do you mean there's no award?! I thought I was getting a damned stinking award?! Screw this, I'm out!! I'll be in my trailer!! Let's do another film and shoot the #*!?*er!!

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