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Written by Written by Joe Sherlock   
Aug 13, 2005 at 02:00 AM
DG: You started in an early project from FALCON VIDEO. What was it and how did you end up being involved in the movie?

Nancy: It all started in there first big budget Mad Max type movie "Arena Of Death" I played the girl in the pink Bikini in a dream scene. I was visiting my Aunt in the neighborhood that Phil Herman lived and she told me about the movie he was making. I wanted to have a part and there was a need for the dream scene and I just happened to be at the right place at the right time and was offered the part! And it also probably was the pink bikini I wore to audition!

DG: Did you always have aspirations to act or was it something you hadn't planned on?

Nancy: I never had any plans to act or desire. I liked modeling but thought acting was demanding. But after filming that cameo for Arena I got the acting bug I liked the way I looked on screen. I was so amazed the amount of fare letters I got for my maybe 1 minute of screen time. I mean if you sneezed or blinked you would of missed my part. But the movie was a dark bleak look at future society after the Great war that wipes out humanity. So it was refreshing to see humanity for at least a minute.

DG: You stay in great shape! What's your secret?

Nancy: Pilates and running. I am big running freak and run about 5 miles a day. I run 5 miles in about 25 minutes. I also do pilates to tone and hand weights for my arms. I also have gotten into good eating, I cut out all the sweets and desserts. When your on film you see a lot more than the average person gets to see themselves. Especially these low budget horror movies you get to see every square inch of a person body!

DG: We heard that there was a storm going on while you were shooting your segment for BEFORE I DIE. Tell us about that.

Nancy: Oh that was funny. It was your typical summer rain storm that turned into border Hurricane. The winds were whipping and the lights were going in and out. That is why we had the scene were the lights flicker and go out in case the lights really did go out. That is what is great about low budget film making your very versatile and nothing is etched in stone.

DG: Tell us about your early roles: Burglar from Hell, Jacker and Jacker 2. Who were your characters and how demanding were the parts?

Nancy: Burglar, Jacker and 2 I played the same type of part the suffering girlfriend Burglar was fun I like dit it was alike a Friday the 13th type of movie were the teenagers one by one get stalked and killed by the title charector. It was my first death scene and it was really cool. Now the Jacker series was a complete surprise the first one took lie 3 weeks to film and became a cult movie. More fans Identify my character Kate with me when they see me then any other role I have played. It was fun cause I got to do a lot of cool scenes with Phil. In Jacker it was a small part were my demise is meant with the blade and suicide in a bath tub but in the sequel I come back and haunt his ass. It was a bigger wicked part which I enjoyed. Especially the scene were I cut my wrists again and the blood spurts all over the place. What a mess....but what fun!

DG: Later you returned for TALES TIL THE END - tell us about your role in that production.

Nancy: Tales till the end was written just for me. It was a parody on myself. I came to audition for a movie within the movie type. I secure the role by flashing at the auditions and securing the role. It was funny cause up until then I did not do any nudity. There was implied but no actual nudity. As a joke I was shown from behind and was supposed to flash Phil to get the part I had a bra on underneath for rehearsals but when the big scene came I flashed my chest and Phil was in shock as shown a true reaction ion the movie.

DG: TALES FOR THE MIDNIGHT HOUR - what was your role in that?

Nancy: I play a psychotic girlfriend that is jealous of my boyfriends new found fame and cheating ways. I devise a plan to act as a secret admirer and give him the surprise of his life when he find out who his # 1 fan really is!

DG: Do you have any favorite behind the scenes story from your various productions?

Nancy: In Before I Die, the strangling scene were the killer lifts me off the ground, he really was strangling me but didn't notice until I started changing colors. That whole movie was a tough shoot because it was to be my first nude stuff and I was nervous. I had a closed set and made the cameraman be nude also to make me more comfortable.

DG: Do you have any new projects we should be on the lookout for?

Nancy: My new movie After Midnight should be out in a few weeks. I play a host to he second movie in a planned trilogy. I get a mysterious book in the mail and start reading stories from it. Al Vampire related and get so possessed with it I have my own Vampire experience by the end. The movie is there best looking flashiest piece yet. My fans won't be disappointed and I will love there feedback on it once it is out.

DG: Anything else you'd like to add?

Nancy: I just can't believe the fans reactions to myself. I mostly play cameos and little scenes but they pick up on it and always have flattering inspirational things to say. I thank you and everyone else that gets in touch with me for a response or interview. I hope I have made my fans happy with my work and look happy to continue doing so in the near future.

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